Geological Time Scale

A visualization of the Earth's history in color, sound, movement, and time. Projected onto a large thin circle in the center of a room, the installation contextualizes events we've learned in the classroom by showing us in one experience, events such as when flowers first bloomed, when the ice age occurred, and when humans started inhabiting the Earth.




Most of the challenge came from deciding what information is included and excluded. Decisions were made by considering the medium's advantage of scale and sound — it's bound to be much more emotional than looking at a detailed graph in a textbook.

Displaying time is one significant example. Instead of a numbered timer, a small dot circles the edge like a scrubber. This came from understanding that the installation's purpose wasn't to teach students or parents which year an event occurred, but to show how events relate to one another.


The color comes from the epoch's climate; inspired by the colorful graphs that were initially using color to just organize information.



Soft White Noise by Lullatone

Lessons learned

Simple form, complex information.

Complex form, simple information.