Griffith Observatory

To capture the spirit of astronomy, this new identity uses abstractions to encourage curiosity. Used throughout the museum, the Observer's Alphabet is derived from a combination of molecular structures, morse code, and braille.



Information about the observatory's history and events is condensed into a single folded brochure.


Observing from Home

The amount of visitors the observatory attracts every weekend is proof that people are endlessly fascinated with the sky. To continue that interest long after visits, the gift shop offers kits and guides for budding astronomers.


Curious Abstractions

Art and science are often seen as opposites, but it's very common to see artists and scientists dabble in each other's world. Curious Abstractions is an exhibition that invites guest artists and scientists to envision new ways of seeing astronomy.


A Conversation with Stars

Using the Observer's Alphabet, visitors can type messages and watch forms project in front and over them, creating patterns and sound in the process.




The decision to bring art into the observatory came from observing the observatory's architecture and use of patterns. The alphabet came out of wanting the abstraction to have meaning.



Lessons learned

Simple, open-ended interactions can still invite wonderful play.