Meiri redesign

The redesign came from a shared desire to update Meiri and its systems. We saw that there were opportunities to better modernize and simplify the products, user experience, and brand. Currently in development, we devised a family of products that work great together and alone, and a delivery service that brings pills, teas, and herbs to doorsteps.


daily log

To begin using Meiri, users capture 4 quick actions in the morning: they record their face, tongue, pulse, and mental state. Meiri tracks these changes over time, and delivers the right herbs to your door.



The heart of the product is ensuring that users are recording daily. While a physical product is a great visual reminder, daily logs are also strung together and replayed in a time-lapse video to show nuanced improvements.


drug interactions

We acknowledge that not all users plan to stop taking modern medicine. By asking users to input medications they're currently taking, higher risk herbs are exchanged in favor of an alternative.




The original product was designed in Spring of 2014. Two years later, our team is coming back together to update Meiri and its systems.



Personas were developed to anchor our decision making. Key differences are in their expertise with TCM, preferences for practicality versus lifestyle, and opinion of TCM.


Primary Personas

Personas were divided into two groups, one for developing the product and the other for brand. We identified 2-3 users to keep at top of mind, with minority opinions for balance.



To understand which features should be developed, we placed our personas under features they would love most, and further tiered them if others still benefitted.



In-progress flows:



lessons learned

Enthusiastically welcome findings that conflict with your assumptions. These will naturally shape your final design to be as unique as its challenges.