Natural Science Museum

A cultural entity that celebrates collaboration and new branches of science that result from cross-pollination. Assigning seven disciplines a color from the primary rainbow, a new kind of museum is born. The idea is expressed as printed collateral, wayfinding, and installation.


brand identity

The circle and square were chosen for their relationship with the letters N and S. The typeface below is designed for use with the museum's primary visual communications.


Color system

A chemical biologist's business cards and letter set. The flexible color system allows customization for publications, employees, and researchers.



Utilizing the circle and square to suggest publications existing in an intersection of two fields.



For ticketing, visitors will receive an electronic wristband or use personal devices. Going to different exhibitions will add new colors to their ticket, encouraging visitors to view more of the museum, or give a name to experiences visitors enjoy most.



The ticket is also a navigation tool. Tapping a color guides visitors back to their favorite exhibits, and allows them to view things they've made with interactive exhibits, such as the harmonograph.



Seven glowing cubes represent each significant discipline of the museum. Visitors are encouraged to engage one another with a cube to exchange their colors.



After a visit, the museum can reach its visitors for its events. We're able to know what visitors are interested in now that we can have data on which exhibits they frequent. This is also a way to ask for donations to the museum in a genuine manner, by surfacing past experiences.




The advanced 14 week class included field research, brand identity development, creation of a brand subset, and an installation component. The interactive ticket came up in discussion during the final, as a way to spread the installation.



Lessons learned

Share prototypes early and look for new behaviors that can lead to new design opportunities.


Daniel Cellucci for helping with the cube code and wiring!